Boat Finance – It’s easier than you think!

Boat CruisingAustralia has more beaches than any other country and considering that 80% of us Aussies live within 100km of the coastline, it’s hard not to love the water. What better way to get into water sports, fish quietly on a lake or take the family out for a leisurely weekend than on a boat?

Turns out we can finance ON WATER products too! On Road Finance can provide you with the boat finance you need and it’s easier than you think!

There is a misconception going around that the regular Aussie isn’t eligible for a boat loan unless they apply for a personal loan directly through their bank. Not only is this an expensive error, but It’s also completely wrong.

Much like a car loan, anyone is eligible for boat finance provided you meet the regular criteria (over 18, employed, acceptable credit, financially stable etc). You won’t be knocked back simply because you aren’t a home owner or have a $100k salary. On Road Finance can even assist applicants with bad credit history get a loan for a boat or jet ski.

The application process is extremely simple and quick. Most applications have a turn-around time of 24 hours and in some cases you could receive a response on the same day. The boat will be used as security towards the loan and you don’t even need a boat licence! A drivers licence is sufficient enough.

On Road Finance can assist you purchase your next boat or jet ski of any size. The boat you are purchasing can be new or used, sourced from a dealer or private. Love your boat but need a little more juice? Boat owners can even apply for finance on the engine only.

The next time you’re thinking of buying a boat, ignore the bank and give On Road Finance a go! You can apply for an On Road Finance tailor made boat loan today by submitting an online finance application form or by contacting our team of brokers on 1300 518 580.

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