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Whether you run an established company, work for yourself as a sole-trader or are only just starting up, On Road Finance can assist your business needs. Our finance specialists work around the clock to provide you with a level of service like no other. With a panel of over 25 lenders Australia-wide, you’re guaranteed to receive the lowest interest rate and best finance options, tailor made to suit any business of any size.

Cars, buses, trucks, trailers, excavators, mowers, printing equipment, medical and dental equipment, dynamometers, shop fit-outs, sheds, cool rooms, spray booths, GPS equipment and more! If it’s used for business purposes, On Road Finance can finance it!

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Your Finance Options

  • A Chattel Mortgage is a commercial finance product where the credit providers lends the fund to the customer for the purchase of a business asset (the “chattel”), and the customer makes regular payments

    The customer takes ownership of the business asset at the time of purchase and the lender takes out a “mortgage” over the vehicle by way of an ASIC-registered Fixed and Floating Charge to provide security for the loan. Once the contract has been completed, the lender lifts the charge, giving the customer clear title to the business asset.

    Pros Cons
    Immediate ownership of the asset (once paid) If you default, the lender will repossess the vehicle
    GST in the purchase is claimable straight away Monthly instalments are not tax deductable
    Depreciation, running charges and interest charges can be claimed in the business’ quarterly BAS. More accounting work involved in claiming GST and deductions
    The business doesn’t have to pay GST on monthly instalments. Older vehicles may be difficult to finance, unlike personal loans

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  • Under a Commercial Hire Purchase arrangement, the lender agrees to purchase the asset on behalf of the business, and then hire it back to the business over a set period of time.

    The business has use of the asset for the term of the contract, but is not the owner of the asset until the total price and interest have been paid in full.

    A Commercial Hire Purchase may be best suited for a business that accounts for GST on either an accruals or cash basis.

    Pros Cons
    Newer businesses accepted Upfront deposit usually required
    You may be able to claim a tax deduction on the interest and depreciation You won’t own the asset until the loan has been finalised
    Set up a loan period and repayment schedule to suit your cash flow Bad credit not accepted
    Costs are known in advance

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  • A Low Doc Loan (or No Doc Loan) is similar to a Chattel Mortgage except fewer financial documents are requested. It is applicable for all business types and size that have an ABN registered for at least 12 months.

    In most scenarios, the lender will ask for deposit of at least 10% or require the business owner to be asset backed.

    Loan amounts are usually capped at $100k and interest rates may be slightly higher than a Chattel Mortgage due to the higher risk involved (lending to a client with no financials).

    Pros Cons
    No tax returns required Deposit usually required
    No bank statements required Business will need to be established and operating for at least 12 months
    Tax deductable Slightly higher interest rates
    Usually capped at $100k

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  • Also known as a Salary Sacrifice, a Novated Lease is an agreement made between an employer, employee and financier where the employee enters into a leasing contract with the financier, while the employer agrees to take on the payment responsibilities.

    If the employee ceases employment with the company or if the Novated Lease agreement has been finalised, the contract will cease and the responsibilities fall back onto the employee.

    A Novated Lease is a great option for your employees as they get all the tax benefits of leasing a vehicle without requiring an ABN. It’s also beneficial for you, the employer, as there is no residual risk to your company.

    Pros Cons
    Employees can choose a car of their liking Bad credit not accepted
    The lease payments come out of the pre-tax part of the employees income Restriction to the age of vehicle
    There is no residual risk to the company Minimum vehicle price of $15000
    Great perks for your employees
    Less payroll tax than a company car as the asset is not on your balance sheet

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Find out your repayments

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Your Repayments

This calculator is provided as a tool to assist customers in estimating the repayment amount at a user specified interest rate and loan term. Figures in this tool may not include all fees and charges in carrying out a loan product. Your correct interest rate depends on the amount borrowed, your personal circumstances and credit history. On Road Finance Pty Ltd is under no obligation to offer finance at the rate, repayment or loan term of this calculator. For a more precise quote, please contact On Road Finance on 1300 518 580.

Frequently asked questions
already covered for you.

Is it hard to get a business loan?

Not necessarily. On Road Finance specialise in business loans for all types of asset, for any size business. We’ve assist new business and old or even business owners with bad credit history.

Whether you get approved depends on your financial situation, how long you have been in business and if you have collateral.

Never for once think your business won’t stand a chance! Apply online or Contact Us here or call 1300 518 580 to speak to an On Road Finance business broker today!

I have bad credit. Can I apply for a commercial loan?

Of course! There may be higher fees involved but most commercial loan options are available for bad credit business owners.

Apply online or call On Road Finance on 1300 518 580 to check if you qualify today!

Is it possible to get finance as an Uber driver?

Definitely! We assist many Uber drivers on a daily basis. No business industry is unaccepted at On Road Finance.

For a no-obligation quote to calculate how much you can borrow, please complete our online application or contact an On Road Finance specialist on 1300 518 580 today!

Can I put the finance under my company name instead of my own name?

Yes! Many of our company directors prefer to finance the assets in the company name. The directors of the company will sign on as guarantors to the loan.

Which is the best finance option for my business?

This is a very broad question to answer and On Road Finance recommends speaking to your accountant or financial advisor prior to committing to any commercial loans.

Please contact us here or call an On Road Finance specialist on 1300 518 580 today!

How do I apply for a commercial/business loan?

You can apply for an On Road Finance tailor made business loan today by submitting an online finance application form or by contacting our team of brokers on 1300 518 580.

For any further questions, leave your contact details here and one of our friendly staff will be in contact as soon as possible.

Be protected with a comprehensive
range of solutions

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance

Cover your business asset against accidental damage, fire, theft, flood, hail and windscreen damage.

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

Drive with peace of mind, knowing that your business vehicle is covered against unexpected mechanical or electronic failure.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

Guaranteed Asset Protection

Don’t risk paying out a loan for a business vehicle that is declared a “total loss” due to an accident or theft.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

Best value Australia-wide roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days and week.

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